No they are very different roles. As a Money Coach my role is to help you establish both an understanding of what is going on with your money as well as assisting you to improve your money mindset.

I don't get involved with negotiating with creditors on your behalf or take over your money management.

Instead using the Moneytrainer System and my skills and knowledge help you become actively engaged with your money so that it goes where you value it most and not where I think you should spend it.

My testimonies are a great way of understanding the results working with a Money Coach can give you.

Meeting clients online allows me to support people from anywhere within New Zealand. Being based in Auckland it also means I don't use up valuable time sitting in traffic, time I can be using to support and equip the clients I work with.

If meeting online via video conference (I use Zoom) doesn't work for you, reach out to me and we can discuss options.

The other added benefit of meeting online is coaching calls can be recorded for you to review at a later time meaning you can focus on the conversation during our calls rather than trying to take 101 notes.

Possibly the best way to understand that is taking some time to read through the client testimonials.

But in summary I would say that when it comes to money there is no '1 size fits all' and both my Customised Online Planner and my coaching programs are designed to help shape the right solutions for you as an individual. 

Feedback I have had from clients who have tried other money and financial coaches often reflects a rigid approach with other programs that just didn't work for them.

If you still aren't sure if we might be a good fit why not schedule a FREE Discovery Call and we can have a conversation first.

It possibly won't take too much effort to think about all the other free things you have signed up for and connect the dots.

Any they will all most likely have something in common, they just didn't deliver the results you were looking for.

Helping you reshape your current mindset about money is a process and the first step is for you to own just how valuable you are. 

You are investing in yourself and your future and you are worth every cent and more. Have a read back over the testimonies of other clients who chose to invest in themselves and if you are ready for results too, then all it needs is a little investment in you.

As I always remind myself there is no shortage of free stuff out there but in reality 'Free is simply someone's opinion' and you deserve results not opinions.

Schedule a FREE Call as your first step, let's have a conversation.

Absolutely, unless of course you give out your details.

Not even your bank has access to the financial information you put into the Customised Online Planner.

You don't need to sign in via Facebook or Google, this is a totally standalone platform because money can be a sensitive topic and how you plan out your spending should be for your eyes only.

There are two exceptions, however you control both of these.

1. If you indicate your advisors name when you register their contact details will be available for you in your dashboard for easy reference. They CANNOT access your information. You have the option to give permission for Moneytrainer to share information on your behalf if you wish to but that is your choice. The default does not allow for sharing of information.

2. When you engage on any of my coaching programs it is important I can access your planner for coaching purposes. Again you need to activate this feature and can switch it on or off anytime.

Absolutely. When a payment is processed the payment covers a period in advance. At anytime prior to the next due payment date you can cancel immediately via the 'Accounts' section in your dashboard.

You will still have access up for the paid up period even if you have initiated the cancellation prior to the end of the current paid period.

If you are unsure whether this is right for you I recommend you schedule a FREE 15 minute live demo first that way you can be confident with your decision either way.

Clause 3.7B in our Terms and Conditions explains the process for credits and refunds.

Clients are referred regularly from a number of advisors who are passionate about their clients getting the right guidance in areas that they may not themselves focus on.

Providing the name of your advisor when registering for any of my services allows Moneytrainer to link their contact details to your account so you can access these easily at any time.

This is entirely optional however it makes sense that you would want to stay working with an advisor who has already shown their dedication to your success by referring you to me and my services.

Everything you do with Moneytrainer as a client remains totally confidential unless you advise Moneytrainer that you wish information to be shared with your advisor.

You are in control, both your advisor and myself have your interests and confidentiality as our first priority.