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Tony Hailwood
Money Mentor

Improve Your 'Money Mindset'

Often with money what we believe drives our behaviours and those behaviours deliver the results we experience. Those results reinforce our belief and the cycle continues.

As a Money Mentor my focus is assisting you to improve all three of these key areas enabling you to move ahead financially.

Do you find yourself asking questions like:

  • I earn good money so why can't I save?
  • Why don't budgets work for me?
  • Why do I struggle to set and achieve financial goals?

Then you're in the right place to get the answers

Check out the Customised Online Personal Budget Planner created to help you improve your money habits and build a stronger money mindset.



Typically, like a lot of first home buyers we have done a lot of research, however still found that there were lots of questions that we still did not know the answers to.

We had time to go through our goals, plans and challenges in a really open discussion, instead of us going...

Ant & Rachel




At first I was reluctant to reach out to Moneytrainer but being declined for a home loan because of my short-term debts told me I needed to do something.

Not only did going through the debt eliminator program help me understand how to protect myself from getting back into the same situation later, I got my home loan approved

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