MONEYTRAINER – Managing Money Better

Moneytrainer is the perfect solution for anyone serious about improving their money habits to get ahead.

Unfortunately for many we aren’t taught or coached the basic principles which can keep you in control of your money.  As a result we manage money with little or no understanding of what can help protect us from the consequences of poor money management or our decisions.

We very quickly adopt a money in – money out approach telling ourselves things will get better, simply because we don’t really know how or what to adjust to make things better.

If that’s you then check out out seminars, they are a great way to turn this around quickly and get back control of your finances.

There are other options to help you too including a personal consultation to explore how you currently manage money and provide you some improvement ideas or a more in depth solution such as personal coaching.

For those who already have good habits and just want a system to keep track of their budget our online planner is perfect- a budget planner that doesn’t just add up the numbers but provides helpful tips on what to keep doing to maintain control or improve your finances.

10 key points to becoming better with your money including how to adopt a “Money Purpose Mentality” and “Eliminate Bad Habits”

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If you’re curious to see how you are currently doing try our “Financial Health Check” it only takes 2 minutes and is a great tool for getting a snapshot of what things look like now and what you need to be considering financially to stay healthy.

Have a look around, read a couple of articles, if what you see and read resonates with you then the next step is simple,  give me a call, lets chat and see how we can help.

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I felt like I was in a never-ending cycle of not quite making ends meet. I just didn’t understand how to structure my money …. Now that I have been following Tony’s advice for over 6 months, I can strongly say that I am in a much more comfortable position and feel I am in control of my finances instead of them controlling me!

Jessica - Auckland

The online budget planner is fantastic. I always know where we stand and I can easily log in and adjust things as needed.

Jemma - Auckland

I had found in the first five to six weeks that I had saved nearly $1,000. I had never done this in my life and it felt good.

Deborah - Napier

We are seeing our debt shrink, money grow. Simple principles that work. Magic!

Mike & Amanda - Auckland

Thank you for helping us understand  a framework that will enable us to manage our finances better and help us to learn how to save and aim to pay off our debts.

Henry & Malina - Auckland