Financial Wellness

No matter how hard you try it is often impossible not to let the stress of personal circumstances impact on productivity and wellbeing in the workplace.

Financial stress is one of the biggest worries most people carry with them on a regular basis.

Research revealed that the financially vulnerability of many families due to the effects of Covid-19 was a significant issue with 34% of households in
 difficulty and 40% at risk of tipping into hardship,”
– Source CFFC

You can read the report here

Increasing the stability and confidence in the lives of your staff and their families with personal finances can help in the reducing of stress and also promotes the message that they are more than just a number.

Your staff know you value their wellbeing in and out of the workplace

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Money Mentor Workshops

In business we understand the importance of budgeting, more importantly forecasting ahead and then monitoring what is actually happening and making the necessary adjustments and decisions that ensure the doors don't close.

With personal finances these same fundamental disciplines are required but often overlooked due to past failed attempts or simply a lack of understanding of how to go about this correctly.

The Money Mentor workshops can help equip your staff with these skills.

If you don't think your staff would benefit from this guidance consider the following statement, a result of research conducted March 2021.

However, Kiwis overall are still doing it tough. Nearly half of ASB customers have less than $1,000 in savings, the bank says, and more than a third are living pay-check-to-pay-check. Around 15% always spend more than 80% of their income.  “This puts them in a potentially vulnerable position,” she says.

You can read the article here

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