My Story

Married to my wonderful wife, Helen, since 1995, we've successfully raised three independent children, each pursuing their unique passions. With two older daughters, Helen and I intimately understand the life and financial challenges that come with managing a large family.

Having over 20 years of combined experience in the real estate and mortgage industries, I've acquired a profound understanding of the diverse financial struggles people encounter across different life paths.

Having witnessed the hardships brought about by the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), I observed both individuals forced to sell their properties and others abandoning the dream of homeownership, redirecting their deposits towards cars, holidays, and other lifestyle choices.

Motivated by a desire to make a positive impact, I transitioned from the finance industry to focus on mentoring individuals. My goal is to help them strike a better balance in their personal financial decisions and empower them with the tools and knowledge to proactively manage their finances.

Recognising the limitations of traditional budgeting tools, I founded the Moneytrainer System.

Unlike typical tools that merely crunch numbers, this system goes beyond, offering a comprehensive framework for financial success. It serves as an unbiased mentor, providing crucial support and guidance where it truly matters.

When clients seek my guidance, they can rest assured that my sole focus is on helping them navigate challenges without ulterior motives such as selling insurance or pushing unnecessary mortgage refinancing.

The Moneytrainer System, combined with my personal commitment, has been proven through numerous testimonials to deliver significant value to those who choose to connect with Moneytrainer.

Whether you're a homeowner or not, I am here to help you achieve financial success. Your journey to financial empowerment begins with Moneytrainer.