My Story

Married to Helen in 1995, together we have raised 3 children, Amanda, Daniel and Stephen, all now independent and following their own passions.

With 2 older daughters also, Andrea and Bailey, Helen and I certainly relate to the challenges both life and financial of raising a large family.

My combined experience of 20 years plus spanning both the real estate and mortgage industries has given me an extensive knowledge of the challenges that people face financially form all walks of life.

The effects of the GFC were pretty tough on a lot of people and I witnessed people having to sell up property, others with aspirations to own their own home giving up on the dream and splashing out their deposit on cars, holidays and other lifestyle decisions.

I decided to exit the finance industry to focus on mentoring individuals to better balance personal financial decisions and equip them with the tools to become more proactive with their finances instead of being reactive. 

Most budgeting tools and apps leave out vital components and focus simply on adding up the numbers. Everyone already knows how to add and subtract and that's why for many people using budgets aren't seen as being of benefit.

So I set out to create the Moneytrainer system.

The Moneytrainer System fixes this perception and provides not just a framework for getting ahead but has also been designed to give used the benefits of an unbiased mentor in the background supporting it's users.

Users reaching out to me for guidance at any time can do so knowing that I have a total focus on helping them navigate any challenges they may face without secondary benefits such as selling them insurance or convincing them to refinance any existing mortgage in order for me to get paid from such activities.

My testimonies are evidence of the value both the Moneytrainer System and I personally bring to those who chose to connect to Moneytrainer.

Whether you are a home owner or not, I can help. 

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