Simplifying the Process of Saving

This handy calculator can help you establish the habit of saving, more importantly keep it up.

For a lot of people saving regularly goes in the 'Too Hard' basket simply because they set themselves a savings level too high for their current circumstances. 

This calculator will help you establish the appropriate amount for you so you can start saving today.

As you progress and see your savings actually staying in your bank account you can then consider other ways to increase your saving capacity and save faster for the goals you want to achieve or just for that rainy day fund. 

Follow these 5 simple steps.

1. Enter in the details required and click calculate.

2. Put the amount shown in the result into a savings account and then live off the rest.

3. Continue this for 4 weeks then take 1/3 of what you have saved and treat yourself to a little reward for sticking to the plan.

4. Continue saving this same amount the following month and now look over any other expenses and see where else you might be able to save money to start increasing your savings capacity.

5. Repeat monthly.

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