'How I Fixed My Broken Budget'

A taste of what you will learn from reading this book

  • How to save money regardless of income
    - Yes it is possible and this book will explain how

  • The Money Seesaw and how it works
    - Something lenders understand but will never tell you

  • Keeping it simple
    - This book shows you how to fit it. No more complicated budgets
budgeting book

Ever wondered why it is that with budgets no matter how many times you re-write them; the reality of life never matches the numbers, and you find yourself quietly thinking

“What am I missing?”

The constant frustration causes people to give up on dreams leaving them stuck financially feeling like all they do is work to pay the bills.

Stuck on the merry-go-round of life going through the motions, money in – money out wishing things were different.

The reality is that most people only ever operate with 2 or 3 of the 7 principles covered in this book at any one time.

Introduce The 7 key principles covered in this book into your finances and become empowered for success and break free of the ‘money in – money out’ trap.

“Success comes from how you do money,
not from how much you have”

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