24 November 2023

So what are ‘Time Pockets’ and which one do most people avoid?

Put simply it is a segment of time (pocket) that you are either focusing your attention somewhere (purposeful), or not (wasteful).

‘Where your attention goes your energy flows’

One of the goals in my coaching program is for my clients to create intentional ‘Time Pockets’ – small pockets of time regularly that help them stay focused on the one thing most people neglect or avoid.

When attention is focused on health and well-being, energy is put into exercise and diet etc.

When attention is focused on our job or career, energy goes into excelling and success.

When attention is focused on fun and entertainment, our energy goes into………. I’m sure you’re getting the picture.

That red piece of the puzzle, the one most people avoid…

Money Habits, putting attention into these often means it now requires energy and effort to change.

So instead we avoid it validating or justifying why our habits don’t deserve our energy right now.

  • “I don’t earn enough”
  • “I’m a spender and it’s just the way it is”
  • “It will change when the kids are older”
    …the list could go on forever

Why not create a 15-minute ‘Time Pocket’ this week to look over your bank statement and put a little attention into where your money has been going.

A greater awareness is always a good thing.

And who knows, like my clients you may just find out a few things about your money habits you didn’t know before.

Habits that you now want to focus your energy each week on either keeping or ditching.

Block yourself out a ‘Time Pocket’ now.