Work out your current savings capacity

Start by using this calculator to develop a habit of saving regularly.

Many people find saving hard because they set their savings goal too high for their current situation.

This calculator will help you figure out the right amount to save for you, making it easier to start saving today.

As you see your savings grow in your bank account, you can think about ways to save more for your goals or for emergencies.

Follow these 5 simple steps.

1. Family Make Up:

Select the options to reflect who lives in your household.

2. Net Income:

Enter the amounts you receive regularly and the frequency this money goes into your bank account.

3. Debts:

Enter the amounts and frequency for all debt repayments. This includes your rent payment if you are renting. 

4. Click 'Calculate'

5. The calculator will then display your achievable minimum weekly savings amount for your individual circumstances.

Family Makeup

Who is this for?


Net income

(After Tax)
Name Amount Frequency
Name Amount Frequency

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