Savings made easy

How often have you heard someone say the first thing you should do is put money into savings and your brain says “Yeah Right, if only it was that simple”

For most people regular increases to savings is possible, we simply miscalculate what we think we can be saving and then end up using it again. Once we use it we give up and agree with the belief that it’s impossible to save.

This simple calculator takes the guess work out for you and calculates what you are actually able to save.

Follow these 3 simple steps.

  1. Enter in the details and click calculate
  2. Put aside each week the amount the calculator indicates you are able to save and live off the rest.
  3. Do this for 4 weeks then at the end of the 4 weeks take 1/3 of what you have saved and treat yourself to a little reward.

Now that you know you can save sit down and set up a budget for the rest of your money, maybe you can actually be saving more than you think. To access our ‘Online Planner’ click here or if you prefer register for our next seminar

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