What is a Money Coach?

Let’s start with the end of that question, coach.

If you have ever played any kind of sport you will know that the role of the coach isn’t to do everything for you but to help you become better at something you enjoy.

You love the sport and you want to excel and do well.

Often with money people under estimate the real value of investing in discovering what will help them be even better with their money.

They dismiss engaging with a money coach because they put it in the same basket as a budget advisor and don’t need help budgeting.

And for most people, a budget advisor isn’t of any benefit.

A money coach however is and here’s why.

  • A Money Coach helps you to become fully engaged with your money and decisions
  • A Money Coach helps you identify the strengths you already have with managing money.
  • A Money Coach helps you identify the obstacles in your way and guides you through finding solutions to eliminate them.
  • A Money Coach helps you shape the ‘New You’ Someone who is now doing things better than they did before. Self-disciplined, motivated and achieving more.

Coaching is about helping you define a better you when it comes to managing your money.

Coaching is about you and not the numbers.

Schedule a Call now and let’s have a conversation. No obligation, no commitment just a conversation to find out more and see if a Money Coach is a good fit for you.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing you have always done while expecting a different result”

Here’s what others have to say

Reaching out to Moneytrainer has been a life defining moment for my wife and I. Tony has helped us set up realistic and achievable goals with a structure that is so easy to use! The best part about it is, he doesn’t tell us how to spend our money, but instead he takes OUR value on it and he builds on that. My wife and I have put our full trust in Tony’s system for the last month and I can honestly say that it has superseded our expectation. Words cannot describe how much he’s helped us and I have absolutely zero doubt he can do the same for you. Thank you so much Tony, you have been amazing!

Reece and Dani - Auckland

I could not recommend Money Trainer enough.. Finances are always such a sensitive topic but Tony has a unique ability to meet you where you are at, he spoke with such honour and understanding. To move from a place of uncertainty and worry when thinking about ‘budgets’ and debts now to a place of excitement is a miracle in itself. Thank-you Tony, I look forward to the progress with the tools I’ve now learned.

Brendan - Auckland