My Story

Married to Helen in 1995, together we have raised 3 children, Amanda, Daniel and Stephen, all now independent and following their own passions.

With 2 older daughters also, Andrea and Bailey, Helen and I certainly relate to the challenges both life and financial of raising a large family.

My working career covers over seven years as a Real Estate Agent before I left the industry to focus in the finance industry.

During my 12 years as a Mortgage Broker I specialised in assisting clients to create strategies for paying down debt quickly.

The effects of the GFC were pretty tough on a lot of people and I witnessed people having to sell up property, others with aspirations to own their own home giving up on the dream and splashing out their deposit on cars, holidays and other lifestyle decisions.

It was during this time I realised the guidance to help people understand  appropriate strategies that were right for them seemed to be missing. Most people simply tried to do what they saw others doing but without ever achieving the results they were looking for.

Leaving the finance industry I went on a journey of creating a framework and system for managing personal finances that would also provide guidance along the way.

Most budgeting tools and apps leave out vital components simply adding up the numbers. I wanted a system that could help people discover how they could get them and their money working better together to achieve what they really wanted.

I am now living the life I feel called to live. Helping people every day through consultations, coaching and providing access to the Moneytrainer System equipping people to better understand what works best for them personally when it comes to managing personal finances.

I would love to help you too if getting this right is something you desire to achieve and just aren’t sure how to get there. Whether you are a home owner or not, I can help.

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