Why a Money Mentor is better than google

What others are saying

I feel great - it's fun for some reason! Starting to feel empowered by knowing where my money is going, even though I'm still spending money on crap...I can see how I'd be less tempted to do that in future just by being aware.
Tin - Auckland

The best part about it is he doesn't tell us how to spend our money, instead he takes OUR VALUE on it and builds on that
Reece - Auckland

Not only does Tony understand the systems well, but his method of delivering it to us in terms we could understand is what helped the most.
Cass - Auckland

As a Money Mentor I focus on helping you create a balance between the emotional and rational decisions that currently determine how you budget and manage money.

  • Identify your money priorities
  • Get equipped with the right strategies for you
  • Get your budget/plan working how it should be for success

While google is great at pointing you in the direction of what you ask, it can't discern what it is you're really trying to answer. That's why the Money Mentor program works.

Programs commence at the beginning of every month. To find out if this program is the right fit for you and the solution you are looking for, schedule a 30-minute discovery call (Absolutely Free and without obligation) today.