Me and my journey

Married to Helen in 1995 and together we have 3 children, Amanda, Daniel and Stephen, all independent and following their own passions.

I have 2 older daughters, Andrea and Bailey so I certainly relate to the challenges both life and financial of raising a large family.

My working career has included a period of time as a Real Estate Agent until 2002 when I left the industry to focus in the finance industry.

As a Mortgage Broker I specialised in a market where paying down debt quickly was a priority and a focus with helping my clients work toward achieving.

Twelve years later following regulation, the effects of the GFC and other observations I realised there was a missing component for most people.

Money was so easily available, the guidance however to help people understand personal boundaries and appropriate strategies that were right for them seemed to be missing.

This guidance and advise tended to be found too late and often after the damage of wrong or badly timed decisions had been done.

It was then I realised that I wanted to be part of the solution and what is now Moneytrainer was created.

Leaving the finance industry I went on a journey of creating a framework for managing personal finances that could provide guidance along the way.

I am now living the life I feel called to live. Helping people every day through consultations, coaching and my online program so they can be better equipped to understand what works best for them personally when it comes to managing personal finances.

Learning the right framework for them to achieve this.

A framework that allows them to collectively focus on the two key areas (Savings and Debts) that can create difficulties with money when they become unbalanced.

I would love to help you too if getting this right is something you desire to achieve and just aren’t sure how to get there.

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me and my journey

Tony Hailwood
Money Coach

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