Lower ‘Interest Rates’ 

Do they really make any difference?

In this video I explain why for most people lower interest rates won’t get them debt free any sooner.

More importantly I cover what you should be doing
instead of chasing a lower interest rate.

Find out what you can do so that the following and much more becomes your new reality.

  1. Interest Rates will no longer matter
    Whether they are going up, down or sideways it won’t really bother you
  2. Refinancing will become a YES / NO decision
    Refinancing can get stressful, changing bank accounts and other transactional structures, better to know before you jump ship that it was in your interest to do so. No regrets later or wondering why you still aren’t getting ahead.
  3. Paying your mortgage off faster becomes achievable
    Put an end to scratching your head wondering whats going wrong and start celebrating your progress to being debt free sooner.

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PLEASE NOTE: This information is based on New Zealand markets.