Need a simple way to manage your money?

Ever wondered how to stop the cycle and start getting what you really want?

When it comes to making your money work you’re likely to either be ticking the boxes and financially making great progress, or you’re still on that merry go round of financial frustration.

One might say those getting ahead earn more money, or perhaps they are lucky, but I’m not really sure how much luck is playing a part in their success either.

In fact I often find the client making the best progress often earns the least of all of them. If your reading this and starting to doubt your opportunity to change things, squash those doubts and read on.

So what do I notice different?

Those getting ahead

  1. They have a plan
    Most importantly it’s their plan not someone else’s. They know what they want, why they want it and when they want it by.
  2. Boundaries on their debts have been established
    They know how much debt to take on to ensure they don’t compromise their ability to meet other financial needs including the most important one, accumulating savings.
  3. Savings are allocated and protected
    What do I mean by this? Well putting it in simple terms they have agreed they will not use this for life’s normal expenses or justified financial necessities. They have determined to protect it because it’s part of their plan and without it they cannot achieve what they really want.
  4. Personal responsibility and accountability is maintained
    They are keeping a close eye on expenses that creep in and quickly remove the bad ones before these become a habit. They introduce others into their plan if they are necessary. Introducing another expense they know comes at a cost and they seriously evaluate what they need to remove from their current budget to keep finances balanced. They know every financial addition needs to be balanced with removing something from their budget if they are to achieve their plan.
  5.  They have a regular review cycle
    This allows them to look at the bigger picture and make sure they are on track. Seeing progress to their financial goals strengthens the disciplines they are creating and motivates them to press on.

Daily living, housing and commuting costs, the list goes on and you feel like you can never get ahead.

Start the journey to having money left over each month for the things you really want to do

If you’re not already doing the things I mentioned above why not start today.

  1. Create your plan
    What do you want, why do you want it and by when?
  2. Work out what money you have committed to debt.
    Then work out how much is acceptable that will allow you to be able to continue meeting your financial needs as well as regularly save. If you can’t save it may be that you have too much debt so your first goal should be to reduce this.
  3. Create a savings strategy
    Even if you start with $10 a week then you are on your way to creating a habit that you can grow. Use our savings calculator to work out how much you can be saving right now.
  4. Start monitoring your spending
    You may be surprised once you understand what this looks like what changes you can make to save money. Our Moneytrainer planner is great for helping with this.
  5. Regularly review progress
    You should start doing this monthly then perhaps quarterly once you have a plan that is working however regular review of progress will fuel your motivation.

Success begins with you so get started today!!

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