Here’s what you need to know to win with your bank

The 3 C’s of lending 

Capacity and Collateral 

  • Unemployment is expected to rise significantly post lockdown.
  • Businesses are determining how they will survive so jobs are at risk.
  • House values in some areas are tipped to decline.

These factors mean banks are now becoming a lot more aggressive
with first home buyers.

Your best opportunity to be approved is to control what you can.


  • How do you put in place the right strategies now?
  • How do you position yourself as a strong candidate?
  • How should you be operating your bank accounts months before you even apply?
  • Why is it the bank don’t accept what you call savings as genuine savings?

Some things you will be doing well, others you may need to change.

A strong character component helps balance out low deposit and employment variations.

Don’t wait until you apply for a home loan to find out what you should have done differently so your loan was approved and not declined.

Don’t wait until it’s too late, Schedule a call now!

PLEASE NOTE video conferencing is used to facilitate these services. 

My wife and I were facing some big life changes with a baby on the way while still saving for our first home deposit. We contacted Tony to talk about how we could keep a better track of our fiances and make a plan moving forward. Tony had great simple ideas and advice including a couple of easy to use spreadsheets which we have been able to use. Now the picture is clear and we are confident that we are in a strong, clear financial position and able to deal with anything unexpected. Thank you for your assistance! Highly recommended.
Pete – Auckland

Tony is an extremely helpful source of knowledge. Not only does Tony understand the systems well, but his method of delivering it to us in terms we could understand is what helped the most. Excellent service. Thanks.

Cass – Auckland