Do you know your Tolerance for Debt?

Taking 5 minutes to calculate where you are on the 'Debt Scale' helps you determine the timing of any borrowing.

Lenders have different methods of approval loans so it is important you know how to accurately assess your own tolerance for debt.

This doesn't necessarily mean you say 'No' to debt it simply means you are better equipped to understand whether you should delay saying 'Yes'

And when saying 'Yes' you are doing so confident of the financial landscape that awaits you.

I recommend you do two calculations.

1. Where are you currently on the debt scale? Enter in current details to find out.

2. Now add the additional loan payments that would apply to any new loan you may be considering and see where you would rate once you have made that commitment.

Did you know the Moneytrainer Online Budget Planner calculates this for you automatically when you create your budget/plan?

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Check where you are currently on the 'Debt Scale'

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