Personal Budget Template

So your ready to set up your budget, here’s a few points to get you started.

  1. Only place in the income section amounts that are constant.
    If you are entitled to bonuses or commission leave that income out
  2. Enter in the amount and frequency that the expense occurs.
  3. Be comprehensive, don’t group expenses.
    Foe example instead of one amount to cover all your hobbies/interests list each one, tennis, gym, swimming etc.
  4. Our calculator has 4 categories to make it easier, simply add more lines if you need to in any of the categories.

    Income: All constant and stable incomeDebts: All contractual obligations – mortgage/rent payments, personal loans/hire purchases.
    (Credit card payments unless you pay this in full each month).

    Living Costs: Functional/necessary expenses – power, food, petrol, clothing, education, vehicle costs etc.

    Savings/Insurance: Insurance premiums and any  contributions to regular savings you are making.
    (Do not include Kiwisaver or other investment type savings)

    Lifestyle: The extras – birthdays, gym, takeaways, sports/hobbies, pocket money, entertainment etc

  5. Final check – have you missed anything? Think annually what other expenses will you need to plan for?

Once completed click calculate to summarize your budget, is your budget balanced?

Save a copy when you have finished. You can download a PDF copy to your computer.

There’s also an option once completed to find out what you should focus on next. Check it out once completed.





Living Costs


Savings / Insurance




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