Christmas finances 101

Hey all, Christmas is upon us and often the next 3 months can look like this with your finances

December – Spend Spend Spend

January – Stress Stress Stress

February – Regret Regret Regret 

With a little bit of forward thinking you can avoid the stress and regret. Below I give you a few tips to help get through and survive.

December – Spend wise 

Spending feels good particularly when it’s that ‘just gotta buy it thing’ we so convincingly believe they will love. Lets face it, we get a whole lot of pleasure from giving presents and celebrating with family and friends.

It’s so easy to get caught in the hype and spirit of the festive season and just go with it. Flashy sale promotions, the latest thing out, our guilt fed spend because we feel we had our priorities out of sync and this will re balance the scales.

Here’s a few points to help you avoid overspending this year.

  1. Make a list of those you want to buy gifts for before you start your Christmas shopping
  2. Set a budget you can afford and then shop according to your budget. Having a list and a budget often results in gifts being more practical for the person receiving it too because they are bought with thought “that’s perfect for ….”not impulse “oh that’s so cool”
  3. Consider pooling money with other family members for certain gifts for example you and your siblings could pool money for something really nice for mum or dad.

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January – Stress less

In most cases we find ourselves here because we never thought through the process and how we would pay for it when the credit card payment became due or worse still, how we pay for other expenses having overspent from our bank account and cash funds.

Managing your finances now becomes a circus act juggling bills and having sleepless nights as you put your head on the pillow then remember you forgot to change a payment date and now your going to get stung with a nasty bank fee.

If you want to reduce stress after the festive celebrations here’s a few more ideas to help

  1. Set a plan in place as I mentioned earlier
  2. Have in place a budget of what known expenses you will have in January completed ahead of time, so you know how much you can afford to be paying back on your credit card or loan if that’s how you have decided to fund Christmas. Better still your Christmas budget is trimmed to avoid having any repayments needed.
  3. Talk to family members before Christmas and get everyone on board with budgeting for Christmas wisely and the reason you’re doing this is to avoid the stress afterwards. It’s amazing how often we buy because we feel obligated to in anticipation of what others will be spending on us. An open discussion can be quite welcoming and a breath of fresh air.

February – Regret no more 

Regret, fueled because we are now reminded how we seem to repeat this process every year and it compromises what we really want. We don’t know how to fix this cycle and conclude it is what it is. The repayments we now find haunting us as we struggle to keep the credit card under control and meet the new loan repayment we took out. What was sleepless nights in January become daytime worries too.

No more regrets, you can break that cycle starting today, here’s how

  1. Start now, build your list, shop to your budget, get family on board with your plan.
  2. Set yourself a goal or reward – if I stick to my plan and don’t get into debt, reach February and are not stressed and my finances are controlled I will …..
  3. Make the goal realistic and something you will enjoy. This will help motivate you to achieve it.

So, what are you waiting for, get started today and have yourself a very enjoyable and stress free Christmas. You can do it!!

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