Don’t get nailed financially this Christmas?

Hi there, a quick heads up, if you follow the simple tips, I have outlined in this article you can nail Christmas before it nails you financially.

This is what it looks like each year for most people.

December – Spend Spend Spend – We spend up large as we get caught up in the festive activities,

January – Stress Stress Stress – We stress out through January when we realize what it has cost us

February – Regret Regret Regret – and then February, well that’s a month of regrets as we now start to feel the impact of those impulse financial decisions.

The good news is it doesn’t need to be this way if you get a jump on things and nail down a little forward planning now.

Change the outcome and it can look a little like this

December – Fun, Fun, Fun – December you enjoy the fun, laughter and celebrations with family and friends

January – Relax, Relax, Relax – January a little rest and relaxation enjoying the great weather and relaxed pace of life

February – Dream, Dream Dream – then in February start to dream about those goals you can now achieve because you avoided the Christmas debt trap.

Here’s 3 simple things you need to focus on right now!

Do your Christmas list now

Who are you buying gifts for and what are you setting as a budget?

If you do this now you still have October to readjust this if you think finances might not stretch as far as you would like them to.

Consider pooling cash for family, collectively you may just get something a little more special than that “this will do” present because that’s as far as your money can stretch.

It’s great to give but your friends and family don’t want you stressing out later, keep it realistic.

Identify what other areas Christmas might cost you?

Are you taking time off work perhaps without pay or does your employer close down?

Do you need to allow costs to travel to family if they are out of town?

Are there activities to plan for? Family day outs or trips to the movies to keep the kids happy on a rainy day?

Thinking ahead means you can focus through October and November tucking away savings to help with these expenses.

It’s that or the credit card right.

Google can be a great friend

As soon as you are happy with your list start searching. You will be amazed at what deals you will be able to find to keep your spending within your budget if you are looking now rather than the last minute.

So your thinking, “sounds great but I can’t save right now” then here’s what you do and why.

It’s a common statement but I can tell you, everyone has a savings capacity they just don’t know how to work it out and its actually very simple.

Download my guide ‘Understanding your savings capacity’ so you know exactly what you can be saving immediately and that will help you when you start working on your Christmas Budget.

It also includes 10 other simple money saving ideas which can help you save even more.

Take the steps now to make sure Christmas doesn’t turn into stress and regret.