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What others have to say

Reaching out to Moneytrainer has been a life defining moment for my wife and I. Tony has helped us set up realistic and achievable goals with a structure that is so easy to use! The best part about it is, he doesn’t tell us how to spend our money, but instead he takes OUR value on it and he builds on that.
Reece and Dani – Auckland

My wife and I were facing some big life changes with a baby on the way while still saving for our first home deposit. We contacted Tony to talk about how we could keep a better track of our fiances and make a plan moving forward. Tony had great simple ideas and advice including a couple of easy to use spreadsheets which we have been able to use. Now the picture is clear and we are confident that we are in a strong, clear financial position and able to deal with anything unexpected. Thank you for your assistance! Highly recommended.
Pete – Auckland

I can strongly say that I am in a much more comfortable position and feel I am in control of my finances instead of them controlling me!
Jessica – Auckland

We are seeing our debt shrink, money grow. Simple principles that work. Magic!
Mike and Amanda – Auckland