How many hours should I work?

The answer to that really comes down to knowing exactly what your lifestyle and living costs are.

Even then having a really good budget or plan doesn’t really answer that question.

That’s why I created this simple to use calculating tool. Simply pop in a couple of details and presto – now you have a breakdown of exactly how many hours you lose to working just to fund your lifestyle choices and decisions.

Give it a go, maybe a change in strategy (or creating one) can give you back a few more hours of your life every week for more important things.

Enter your take home pay

How many hours per working week do you work?

Select the frequency you receive the take home pay entered above

This is what your hard earned efforts give you in return every hour

Enter a few regular items or expenses below to see how many of your hard earned hours are needed.

Suggestion: Enter 5 items of a specific category E.G. Lifestyle expenses or debt payments

Item Amount # of hours