5 MUST DO’s to reduce your future money concerns

I read an interesting article over the weekend that highlighted the concerns of New Zealanders over the next 12 months. (The link to the article is below if you want to read it)

  • 86% of people are concerned about an economic recession
  • 85% of people are concerned about inflation and increasing living costs
  • 63% are concerned about a decrease in income
  • 62% are concerned about losing capital or money
  • 45% are concerned about becoming unemployed

(Source: Consumer Intelligence firm Toluna)

While these are concerning numbers there is an even bigger concern going through my mind right now and that’s this.

Without a plan to navigate through the next 12 months financially most people will simply stay reactive to their circumstances.

If there is one thing I have learned in all my years in the finance industry it’s this.

Reactive financial management keep people poor


If you are concerned about how the next 12 months (or longer) looks for you then here’s 5 things to focus on now so you can become proactive instead of reactive.

  1. Know your numbers
    Sit down and understand what exactly is coming in and what needs to go out.
    (And I don’t mean until you are paid next. Understand what the next 6 – 12 months looks like)
  2. Calculate your debt commitments
    It is vital you know how much of your money belongs to someone else.

    This can be a real eye opener and once you realise just how much of your money is benefiting someone else instead of you it can be a great motivator to stop borrowing for things that you probably didn’t real need.

  3. Set yourself a realistic goal
    Whether it is paying off one of your debts, saving for a weekend break or some other goal, having an achievable goal will both motivate you and snap you out of being reactive.

    By realistic I mean achievable. If your savings ability is $50 a week there is no point setting a goal to save $100. You will give up when the pressure comes on and you have to use some of your savings.

    Instead set a smaller achievable goal to get the process started. Once you have achieved it set your next goal and repeat.

  4. Don’t be afraid to ask
    Money is a strange thing, we don’t sit around the bbq discussing how we are doing financially when the truth is we would all benefit from doing so.

    If we realized just how much in debt others were so they could look successful, the fancy car, the holidays just to name a few, we might not be so envious.

    I mean think about it, look again at those stats. If everyone was really doing so great, why are so many people concerned.

    So ask someone you trust for any tips or advice and remember we all have different personalities. If what they suggest doesn’t fit for you ask someone else don’t give up thinking its just too hard for you.

  5. Book a Discovery Call.
    Yes this is the bit where you either hit unsubscribe, you dismiss this as just another attempt by me to hook you into something or you choose to take action.

    The choice is yours but if you take a moment to read the testimonies you will see there’s nothing but great outcomes and success stories from those who have taken time to reach out.

    A Discovery call is simply a conversation to help you focus in the right direction and help you move from reactive to proactive with your finances.

That has to be a good thing right. Let’s talk soon if you need a little direction.

Oh and click here to read the article that highlighted the stats I mentioned above if you are interested.

I could not recommend Money Trainer enough.. Finances are always such a sensitive topic but Tony has a unique ability to meet you where you are at, he spoke with such honour and understanding. To move from a place of uncertainty and worry when thinking about ‘budgets’ and debts now to a place of excitement is a miracle in itself. Thank-you Tony, I look forward to the progress with the tools I’ve now learn

Brendan - Auckland

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Reece & Dani- Auckland

For so many years money came in and went out and I never felt like I had any control over it, in fact money controlled Me. I attended one of Tony’s seminars and he made so much sense we started to work together monthly and I am now back in control of my finances, I am saving money and have a clear vision of the way my money is being used. Tony is extremely professional and I never feel judged or embarrassed about revealing my financial situation. I highly recommend Tony at Moneytrainer.

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I felt like I was in a never-ending cycle of not quite making ends meet. I just didn’t understand how to structure my money …. Now that I have been following Tony’s advice for over 6 months, I can strongly say that I am in a much more comfortable position and feel I am in control of my finances instead of them controlling me!

Jessica - Auckland